HAAKS®B.A.R.F Salmon Oil 1000ml

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HAAKS®B.A.R.F salmon oil is of high quality, making this oil very rich in good ingredients including EPA and DHA.

These are important essential nutrients for dogs and cats.

salmon oil offers added value to the health of your dog and cat, because polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially DIY are essential for good health, a beautiful shiny coat, the skin in good condition and good brain and eye development in young animals.

In addition to the above nutrients, the crude salmon oil also contains other high-quality ingredients such as omega 3 and 6.

The basic fatty acids of the omega-6 and omega-3 families are linole and linolenic acid (LA & ALA).

Mammals, unlike plants, cannot synthesize LA and ALA themselves and are therefore essential fatty acids for mammals.

Every organism needs these nutrients and fatty acids to build a well-functioning immune system.

Dogs and cats that eat fish already get these essential fatty acids, but only slightly.

Often this is only once a week, if your pet likes fish.

To ensure that your dog and cat gets these important fatty acids daily, our pure salmon oil is ideal for this.

Typical fatty acid pattern *:

Fatty acid Name% C14: 0 Myristic acid 5.7 C16: 0 Palmitic acid 14.2 C18: 0 Stearic acid 3.1 C20: 0 0.2 Total saturated 24.6 C16: 1 6.9 C18: 1 Ω-9 Oleic acid 17.3 C18: 1 Ω-7 3.2 C20: 1 4.0 C22: 1 Ω-9 Erucic acid 0.4 Total monounsaturated 32.5 C18: 2 Ω-6 Linoleic acid 5.8 C20: 4 Ω-6 Arachidonic acid 0.2 Total Ω-6 multiple unsaturated 6.8 C18: 3 Ω-3α-linolenic acid 1.6 C18: 4 Ω-3 C20: 5 Ω-3 EPA 9.5 C22: 5 Ω-3 DPA 4.1 C22: 6 Ω-3 DHA 9.3 Total Ω-3 multiple unsaturated 24.6 Total polyunsaturated 31.5 Ω-3 / Ω-6 3.7

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